It's so nice to meet you!

One of the things I tell my clients upon meeting them is this:

"My goal for training with you is that you will learn not to need me." 

What I mean is this; we all have the capabilities within ourselves to create and sustain the healthy lifestyles we all wish to have. It is not an easy road to develop these consistent habits and sometimes we don't know where to start and THATS where I come in.

I spent most of my life as an athlete, whether that be as a dancer or playing sports. After a debilitating injury took me out of the field I was in, I was lost. I didn't know how to get back onto the healthy, ambitious track that I was once on, until I found Fitness.

I too at that time needed guidance to find my way and learn how to transform my health and fitness habits so that they would better amplify my overall wellness both mind and body so that I could be better able to give my all everyday.

I struggled to find a trainer or coach, because a lot of the time I didn't feel seen or heard, I felt as if I was just another number. Due to this i went through many body struggles due to fluctuating diets and misinformation and never being able to sustain the "results" I was getting. And, I thought to myself "How can I change this?, from there its history.

I am now an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Sports Nutrition and Weight Management Coach, Certified Life Coach, Booty Building Specialist, and Fitness Enthusiast.

I am a firm believer that there is no cookie-cutter method to fitness. I do not believe that the same plan will work for everyone and I believe that every body is different and unique and should be treated as such.

With varying lifestyles, schedules, and goals, a healthy lifestyle will look and feel different for everyone.

I work with my clients to find an enjoyable and sustainable way to include fitness, nutrition, and self care into their daily lives.
When you love what you're doing it wont ever feel like work.


So lets find a way to bring the fun back into fitness for you!


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