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Personal Training

(1 on 1)

Are you looking for a fitness experience that is tailored to your individual goals? Do you prefer private training as opposed to group settings? Are you looking to achieve results in an effective way to help you build healthy habits that will assist you in sustaining your results long term?

Then One on One sessions are the perfect sessions for you!

Whether you want to get stronger, faster, are training for a marathon or special event, are an experienced gym goer, even if you are just getting into fitness for the first time, I can help you reach your goals!

Benefits of One on One Training:
- Customized training plans & nutrition guides tailored to your specific goals.
- Personalized support and motivation.
- Accountability.
- Individualized attention built to improve your chosen areas of fitness and techniques.



"Having health issues can make the simplest things overwhelming and I love Britt because she is understanding and patient. She starts with the basics and helps me to build from there and is always motivating along the way. For once I feel like I'm getting somewhere by learning the proper way to get in shape. I've have had 5 gym membership and never followed through. With Britt for the first time I feel like I can actually achieve my goals."  
- DOM. S


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