Getting prepared for your workout can make the difference between a good and bad gym session. There are many important ways to prepare for a workout, including mentally motivating yourself (hype yourself up!), fueling your body with the right nutrients, staying hydrated and of course the right outfit can make anyone feel ready to flex those muscles!

#OOTD Wearing the right clothing that suits your upcoming workout is important so that you know you are going to be both comfortable and be able to move and breath to your full ability.

  • Pick shoes that will provide you with the proper support and grip for your chosen activity.

  • Select clothes that provide the appropriate level of warmth of air flow depending on what you are doing and the weather. For example if you are going for a run in colder seasons, make sure you wear a jacket that you can easily remove mid run when you get warm.

  • Choose clothes and shoes that you know are comfortable and will allow your body full range of motion for various movements and stretches.

Fuel your body! Your body needs proper fuel to provide it with the energy needed to power through your workout. Depending on what you are doing and the time of day, you may wish to adjust your pre workout meal to suit that activity. For example if you are just doing an early morning 30 min jog, you might just need a banana and a glass of water before you leave. However if you are planning to go hard in a HIIT bootcamp, get your fuel and energy in at least 2 hours before and give yourself about an hour to an hour and a half to digest before starting. Throwing up is not a sign of a healthy workout or that you "killed it", neither is passing out. Make sure you fuel yourself with the right foods at the right times to avoid these and ensure you can make it through your whole session.

Water, Water, Water, and more Water. Any exercise will have you drinking water, as well as sweating it out, so make sure you are properly hydrated before working out and keep a bottle of water handy. Listen to your body, if you need it, get it. If you did a particularly intense workout that had you sweating a lot, i.e. hot yoga or HIIT class, then it is a good idea to drink a big glass of water once you are finished your workout as well to rehydrate.

Motivation! Sometimes we all need just that little bit of a push of motivation to get us up and powering through. So motivate yourself with a friendly reminder alarm on your phone and make yourself an energetic motivational workout playlist so you can listen to your favorite jams that will power montage you through your awesome workout!.

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