8 Things You Didn't Know About Britt!

Hello to all of my internet friends and welcome to Lovellfit.com & my Fit, Fun & Fearless blog! To kick off this wonderful debut I want to give you a special sneak peek into myself so you can get to know me better! I asked you what you wanted to know about me on my various social media accounts and have chosen 8 of your questions to answer here today! To start my story off I will say, my name is Britt Lovell, I am 27 years old and a local Vancouverite. I have lived in various places across the globe but Vancouver will always be the place I call HOME. I was a dancer for over ten years before I found personal training and I am an avid comic book collector and movie geek. When I am not personal training, you can find me seeing movies, scouring local comic and collectable stores, or out and about my beautiful city!

So with introductions out of the way, lets get to your questions! Some of the questions are light hearted but some of you asked some of those in depth sensitive questions and I am never one to shy away from a challenge, so here we go. *palms start sweating* 1. What is your proudest accomplishment in life so far? Oooh, I would have to say I have 2! The first accomplishment for me was when I successfully threw a fundraiser event called The Ice Ball back in 2011. This was a fashion/music charity fundraiser that raised funds for the BC Cancer Foundation in honor of my late stepfather who passed away from Pancreatic Cancer. I don't think I had been that nervous ever and it ended up being a wonderful success and we raised over $3,000.00. I cried uncontrollably with both joy and sadness that day. My second accomplishment for me, was not giving up after I tore my hamstring. I had every reason to let myself just call it quits and I stuck it out, worked my hardest through my rehabilitation and because I didn't give up, I was able to get to where I am now. Hamstring healed and now working as a personal trainer. (See my About Britt section for the full story.) 2. What made you decide to start this journey in your life? Putting aside my own personal interest in fitness and the love I found for it through my active rehab, I'd have to say that my mom is one of the biggest reasons for choosing to become a trainer. My mom has had many health issues both presently and in the past that have caused many issues for her, gaining weight, metabolic issues, joint problems, etc. and through her journey to become healthy she has had some of the most horrendous experiences with doctors and trainers during her healing journey. I remember her telling me one time that a trainer had actually told her there was nothing they could do for her because it was obvious she wasn't willing to do the work. Yah... even though she sought THEM out and asked for help, he took a look at her and the state she was in and didn't think it had anything to do with medical conditions or anything, just assumed that she was not capable of being healthy and refused to help. That lit a fire in my belly for sure. I could rant about that kind of thing for days, but I will just say that part of the reason I became a personal trainer was to learn and utilize the tools for myself to help my mom, and guess what? Shes doing amazing now. *Yah that's my pride you're sensing. I am a proud daughter.* 3. Was there a superhero or fictional character your really looked up to growing up that still inspires you today in your everyday life? and who was it? Ok, so this is hard because I had ALOT of fictional characters motivate me when I was young. SO I will just go with the earliest inspirational character I remember. She is actually tattooed on my body as a constant reminder of what she stands for and what she brought to my life. She is: Ariel from The Little Mermaid. People tend to laugh when I say she inspired me, but she did and I am proud of it. Not because she was a sea princess or that she had talking crustacean friends or that she found her prince, (although, who wouldn't want that kind of magicalness?!) No, those are not the reason. The main reason she inspired me, is because she was her own person, she was curious, she was resilient, she wanted to be a part of so much more than the status quo. I was in love with her conviction. She didn't care that people didn't agree with her, she kept doing her thing regardless. Yah she made mistakes, but she did what her heart told her to, she took risks for the people and things she loved. Life and love are anything but normal, they're scary, beautiful, new, and risky, but as Ariel showed me, they're absolutely worth their weight in gold.

4. What do you find difficult about being a personal trainer? I love my job. For the first time since I was a dance teacher I can truly say that I wake up everyday excited to go to work. The one thing that really disheartens me as a trainer is seeing how rampid body image related issues have become with the growth of social media, and how it caused such deep rooted self esteem issues. I hear it all the time when I ask what someone's fitness goals are, "I want to look like this girl in IG", "I want a thigh gap.", "I want to be attractive." GIRL, who told you that you aren't attract, let me go junk punch them! But I digress, there are so many issues stemming from comparison of others and social media and it is causing unhealthy goals to be part of our everyday wants and needs. I have ladies who deal with Body Dysmorphia, B.E.D (Binge Eating Disorder), and so many other disorders due to their need to look a certain way to feel like they are attractive or to feel like they fit in and it really does a number on my heart. It brings me back to when I felt the same way and it hurts to see another person feel that way and I work my hardest to be a positive support system for my clients as they grow and become the beautiful swans on the inside that they already are on the outside. To everyone out there who feel as though you are not enough just as you are, please read this and believe me when I say, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, You have an amazing body, you have a beautiful face, you are gorgeous inside and out just as you are. If you want to workout and eat healthy and have an active and fitness oriented lifestyle that is awesome, but please don't do it because You hate your body and want it to be "better", do it because you LOVE your body and want it to carry you healthily through this life! Love your body at all stages, because it is forever going to be changing, and if you cant handle it on "worst" days, it will never be enough on your "best" days. EVERY day you are BEAUTIFUL. 5. You are always so optimistic in your posts, Do you ever find it hard to be positive? ABSOLUTELY. I am definitely one of those people who use to suffer in silence. I would never let people know I was sad, or angry. I just let it be and dwelled in it. It wasn't until the last few years that I had a breakthrough and truly started to be positive amidst all the chaos. It came with one thought during one of my darkest moments. The thought was "You have been through so much worse." Not really a positive thing to say to yourself all the time, but somehow it really roundhouse kicked me in the face. Some of my recent bad days were because of some pretty trivial problems and when I thought about it, yah, I HAVE been through worse, so much worse. So then I started thinking, "So, If you got through THAT, why are you crying about being tired from a 12 hour work day?" Perspective ladies and gentlemen, Perspective is a roundhouse kick in the face. 6. If you could give your 10 year old self advice from the person you are now, what would you tell her? Hmm... This is a hard one because my 10 year old self wasn't a great listener. Lol. If I could tell her anything, I would say, Don't be afraid to stand up for yourself, never let someone dictate when you can or cant be happy and most of all, NEVER stop listening to your gut. I don't care if all of your friends are saying its cool, if it doesn't feel cool or right, its not. DONT DO IT. There is nothing special about being like everyone else. BE YOU AND DO YOU GIRL. 7. Have you ever struggled with your body/self esteem? How did you over come it? This is rough one, however I will do my best to answer it. The simple answer is Yes I have. When I was young I developed late in life and thanks to my genetics was a bean pole with a bowl cut until 16 years old. Yup, I was that girl. I was bullied relentlessly for a long time, I was called ugly, a boy, skeletor, beaver toothed, and those were some of the nice ones. Then when I did finally develop, I was then called, fat, butter face, was told I stuffed my bra, and was told I must have had surgery. Yah, I never seemed to catch a break. Due to these series of events I developed many issues internally that all were the ripple effect of me just wanting to be liked. (Back when I cared what others thought, today I have no ducks to be given. Yes. Ducks. You heard me. #noswearingzone) When I was young, it was a Binge Eating Disorder, eating large amounts of food when no one was around to try to aid in me gaining weight so I wouldn't be so "skinny" and then I wouldn't be so "ugly". (I quote certain words here because I know better now that I was healthy then and these words were only used to categorize me, but they no longer have that power.) I even use to blame my brother for food that was missing because I didn't want to get in trouble. #sorrybro When I was a teen and hit puberty, I developed Bulimia and Body Dysmorphia, under the impression that I allowed myself to eat myself into "fat" territory. Looking in the mirror all I could see was an overweight ugly girl and I had convinced myself that if I was "Skinny" again that people would stop picking on me. (Because when I was skinny they didn't pick on me right? You see the pattern I was creating?) Well that was me back then. It took a long time for me to gain confidence in myself and I would have to say that the thing that helped me grow to who I am now, were actually two things, Counselling and Dance. Reaching out and seeking help through my counsellors was the best decision I ever made. They were unbiased, they listened and they found the real me. They helped me find the strength to talk about what I had been through and helped me to discover where I began this downward spiral of negative self worth. They were the ones who encouraged me to join Dance and I can honestly say, they saved my life. Being in dance, the teachers I have had truly inspired me to be myself and accept that the body I have is a great one, it is my instrument and I am beautiful exactly as I am. Through dance I was able to express myself and my pain and with every step, I walked off stage and felt like I left those pains and worries on the ground behind me. Every struggle that came to pass I was able to dance myself through. Without my counsellors and dance I would never have found those stepping stones to self confidence and I probably wouldn't be here today without them. 8. What is next for you and Lovell Fit? For myself I plan to put full force into Lovell Fit and also I want to start travelling again and see more of the world and so I am working hard to get there. With Lovell Fit, I have so many things in the works and I don't want to give too many things away, but I will say I have a bunch more giveaways coming and I also have a special fitness boot camp making its way to Vancouver as well! I am working hard on putting more workout videos together for you all as well as some special features with other amazing health and fitness professionals all over North America! So much is coming and I am only just getting started! So stay tuned! I hope I was able to answer your questions thoroughly! I am so thankful for all of your love and support and I cant wait for the future ahead for me and Lovell Fit. As always you guys, Stay Awesome!

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