Sweating w/ Your Sweetie! Featuring, The Relationship Project!

I had the honor to collaborate with The Relationship Project, (www.relationshipproject.org) on a special segment for their site called, Feature Friday!

The Relationship Project is special website/workshop that is opening the doors and giving others a behind the scenes look into what successful relationships practice. They want to expose the mistakes and triumphs, and personally share how they are growing and learning together--and how you can, too. Because, let's be real. Relationships are beautiful and messy. It's time we see (and share!) it all. Check out their website and blog at the links provided in this article to see more about what they are about and find out when and where you can join the conversations with them at their next event! Our article is a special feature about the correlation between Exercise and Relationships! I wanted to share this article with you because not only does it include a fun partner workout but it also talks about how working out with your partner can be beneficial to your health and also a great relationship building activity! Here is a special excerpt from the article: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

"Beside You to Guide You

Communication is so important in any relationship, romantic or otherwise. Exercising with our partner gives us the perfect environment to allow us both to practice our communication skills in a can-be stressful arena. Keeping a heavy weight from falling on our partner, spotting their exercises for safe form, or making sure they don’t lose their balance, are all great opportunities to exercise our communication. Training together can help us to better speak our feelings and in turn provide each other with feedback and encouragement during stressful times. Exercising together can also help us interpret each other’s body language when under stress. (Does this type of encouragement cause tension physically? Or do they seem noticeably believed/motivated by it?)

Through effective and positive communication in the gym, we can take these communication notes into our basic relationship situations. We can spot noticeable body language changes and limit misread situations during normal everyday activities. We can learn to rely on each other for help and protection when needed, and find our partner will be there to support and encourage us through our struggles. KEEP IN MIND: Communication in any situation requires both parties to keep minds open and available to all sorts of encouragement and constructive criticism. In order for communication tests to work we need to embrace whatever our partner may want to share with us." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can read the full article here at: https://www.relationshipproject.org/single-post/2017/02/07/Feature-Friday-Exercise-and-Relationships-With-Lovell-Fit

- Mr & Mrs Aller, known by their friends as Jake and Taylor, are a Vancouver based power couple and the Founders of The Relationship Project. Over the years of their relationship, they've seen their share of highs and lows. They believe in marriage and think relationships are delicious--a lot of work--but so very worth it. They're enthusiastically attracted to giving back and participating in the community and can both agree--the world needs more love. Expanding their positive impact on the world daily, Jake and Tay are all about growth, knowledge, and helping others. -

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