Every Superhero Sunday its workout day! Here is a special throwback to one of my Total Body HIIT Workouts! * Video has been sped up for media purposes. Please be sure to go at a higher intensity pace suited to you, and focus on proper muscle engagement. HIIT Training (High Intensity Interval Training) is great way to squeeze that workout in when you are on a tight schedule, or don't feel like spending an hour at the gym. 15- 30 Minutes of HIIT training, a few times a week can be super efficient and effective when you need that fitness fix to stay on top of your game! Benefit's of HIIT Training Include:- Building a healthier heart/aerobic/anaerobic capacity.- No equipment needed and you can do it anywhere!- Increased fat burn & metabolism- Can increase post workout after burn. (EPOC)And so much more! So get out there and give this little circuit a try! 5 rounds is only 30 minutes! Give it a go and tell me how many rounds you got to!

HIIT Circuit:

45 Seconds On/30 Seconds Off

Repeat 4-5x Exercises: - Single Leg Step Ups Be sure to focus on pushing up through your mid-foot and heel to engage the glutes. Try to focus on a slow descent and not bounce off your hanging leg. - Squats Use bench to assist in depth marker if needed. Otherwise, focus on activating those glutes by pushing through the heels, and squeeze those buns on the way up. - Mountain Climbers Hold your core tight in your plank position. - Push Ups Shoulders over your wrists, and hold your core tight. Avoid allowing your back to curve downward. Support that low back. - Tricep Dips Make shoulder your shoulders are back and chest is up, lowering as low as you comfortably can before pushing through those palms back up. Squeezing those triceps. - Seated Knee Tucks Chest up, be sure to exhale through your belly as you pull your knees to your chest.

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