CUPPING: Does it work? My Recent Experience at Bay Wellness Centre!

"Energy flows where intention goes." ✨ I had the pleasure to be able to receive naturopathic treatments at Bay Wellness Centre this past weekend! It was definitely an awesome experience, even though I was terrified originally by the thought of needles (Acupuncture/IMS). But Annie made the whole experience comfortable and fun and with her guidance I overcame that fear to try these techniques and am extremely thankful I did.

* The video above is a short recap of my experience as well as information regarding Cupping, Acupuncture & IMS Treatments at Bay Wellness Centre. 😊 * Before going in my muscles were solid, and very tight. After just one combination session of these various treatments not only did I notice my range of motion increase thanks to the release of my hamstrings through Acupuncture and some strategically placed Cups. The large tense area in my Shoulders/Traps were released and relaxed as well using Cups and IMS. 😍 * I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and I plan to return to Bay Wellness Centre very soon! ❤️ * About Bay Wellness:

Naturopathic doctors Megan Maycher and Annie Savage are the primary doctors of Bay Wellness, joining with Bay Dental. Bay Wellness focuses on pain management, sport medicine, women’s health and medical esthetics along with overall primary health care.

They provide a comprehensive and individualized approach to patient care, addressing the root cause of disease prevention and chronic illness. They use an integrated medical approach, utilizing lab testing, patient’s personal and family histories to find the root cause of illness and treat accordingly. They treat a wide variety of illness, from acute to chronic.

To speak with them about their various treatment options, email them at:

or go to their website at

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