Wellness Wednesday: My Sun Allergy

This weeks Wellness Wednesday I am diving into the topic of my Sun Allergy. * My sun allergy has been one of the largest obstacles in my life. As I was not born with it, I developed it late in life it has definitely taken some getting use to. In this video I tackle the various questions I have been asked as well as talk about the details of my particular allergy. Some of the questions I get in to are: What is it? What skincare products do I use? What causes it? And more! * It is one of my longer videos, but for anyone interested in understanding sun allergies and ways of safety and prevention against negative sun exposure I have learned, be sure to watch through. * A Couple Tips for Good Sun Safety Skincare: - Be sure to use Broad Spectrum SPF everyday.30+ SPF - Sunglasses with UV Protection to protect your eyes. - Check skin regularly for any changes or abnormal growths. * Thank you for watching and thank you for sending your questions in to me in regards to my allergy and I hope I have answered them to my best ability. * Please be advised that these are all my own personal experiences and information from my dermatologist and doctors regarding my own allergy, as well as my various research into my allergy as well. I am not a doctor or dermatologist and I do advise that you see a doctor should you believe you have any afflictions caused by the sun or use any of products I have mentioned. * Stay Safe and Stay Awesome Heroes!

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