SUPERHERO SUNDAY! Anywhere, Anytime Pt. 2

Happy Superhero Sunday! <3

Today's Anywhere Anytime Workout is Here and its AB DAY! Well.. its always ab day ;)

This circuit is great for all levels of fitness! Beginners, focus on the core engaging tips in the video. -Breath Control - Lower Back To Ground Advanced, Add weight where you can for that extra challenge!

Benefits of Training that Core? - Reduced Lower Back Pain - Improved Posture & Stability - Improved Centre of Gravity and Balance - Facilitates Proper Distribution of Weight And Absorption of Force - Tightens and Flattens Midsection 👌🏻💪🏼 * But let's not forget that workouts can only get you so far, workouts can assist with but the real work starts in the kitchen! Feed your body right and your body will treat you right back!

Stay Awesome Heroes! <3

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