SUPERHERO SUNDAY: 15 Minute Booty Burn!

"Because you can't get the butt you want by sitting on it." * [ANYWHERE, ANYTIME] * Better late than never! Got my Superhero Sunday Workout Video up just in time! Todays workout is another Anywhere, Anytime workout! I call it the 15 Minute Booty Burn! Compliments of a beautiful day and resistance bands! * I carry a resistance band in my bag at all times! It works out for when I wanna get that quick burn in on a busy day! So grab your bands and hop to it! This circuit will have those glutes fired up and ready to be poppin' all day and it only takes 15 MINUTES! * Better a quick workout, than no workout! See Full Video Above! SUBSCRIBE! * No Excuses, Work that Booty!

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