SUPERHERO SUNDAY: No Matter What, Get That Workout!

Happy Superhero Sunday!

Todays workout is a unique one as on this day working out was not on my mind. I had spent the day with my family, overloaded on food and was not feeling my best and did not feel I looked my best to film a video. I was bloated, tired and sore from a previous workout, BUT I squashed the negativity and got myself to pull it together for this video!

I took on some exercise that are typically quite challenging for me. Pushups have always been my worst area and I decided to make them even more challenging, but I want to show you guys the real me and these exercises are some the exercises I do to challenge myself and really get my muscles working!

I hope you enjoy them and they challenge you as well! And I hope no matter where you are or what you are doing, you take a minute to stop, drop and get active. No matter what. :)

Circuit: 30 Secs Per Exercise Repeat 4-5X with 30 Secs Rest Between Sets

Travelling High Knees w/ Burpee Criss Cross Squat Jumps Side Lunge Hop (30 Secs Per Side) Pushup w/ Alternating Taps Alternating Knee Taps in Bear Stance

As always, thanks for watching!

Stay Awesome!

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