SUPERHERO SUNDAY: A Day At Kits Fest! (Featuring New Edge Alliance)

Happy Superhero Sunday! Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending the day at Kits Fest at Kitsilano Beach in Vancouver. This festival has always been a fun one! Lots of activities and tournaments to watch and take part in and you get to spend the day at the beach! KitsFest is a sports and healthy living community festival. They celebrate diversity and inclusiveness for all ages and walks of life at every event. This contagious positive spirit helps them in their aim to build stronger community environments and share their success by giving back to the community through legacies such as their park facility upgrades and special events. The highlight of the festival for me was taking part in the RYU Beach Bootcamp Workout facilitated by Ibby Ali & Robin Ball of New Edge Alliance. New Edge Alliance Inc. is a company that brings communities together to become part of a family. They are a private training facility that offers functional training that will challenge you to breakdown what holds you back. They welcome anyone from all fitness levels. Their goal is to strengthen your mind and body and to give you the tools to conquer any challenges you may encounter. And boy can I say the workout challenged me fully. Putting some of my hardest fitness tasks in front of me while Ibby shouts encouragingly to "Keep Pushing!" definitely made for one kick butt session on the beach. Along with my lovely client and workout partner Ashley, we pushed to our max and even though we definitely struggled at times, we got through and felt all the stronger for it! And that dip in the ocean at the end definitely made the sweat and body pain (good pain) worth it! Hehe. Thank you to Kits Fest for putting on such an amazing event! And thank you to New Edge for the amazing bootcamp! I look forward to the next one! Check out my mini highlight video above to see some of the fun of the festival! As Always Heroes, Stay Awesome! xo. Britt

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