No Food Should Be A Guilty Pleasure

Food is meant to be enjoyed not shamed.

I want pizza, I eat pizza. ... I want salad, I eat salad. I want pancakes, I eat pancakes. I want protein shakes, I drink protein shakes.

Let's cut to brass tax here. One donut is not going to make you "fat" in the same way that one cucumber won't make you fit. (PS. I don't like that word but it's the word I hear used most often) A burger and fries is not going to set back your workouts in the same way that a smoothie is not going to make your workouts more effective. Treats are not "forbidden fruit" that you can only eat if you are "good". You have no reason to feel bad for eating the things you like! Nor should you feel shame after doing so! Do not give certain foods the power to define the type of person you are or can be become! It's ok to eat clean and workout consistently but it's ALSO ok to admit that you are human, you take time off from the gym and that cake is amazing! It is counterproductive to feel bad about eating food – no matter what the food was. Yes, at times we all over-indulge, but shaming ourselves does nothing to better us. If you treat yourself as a failure like you need to be punished just for enjoying food, it's unlikely your relationship with food will grow positively. This is the gate to restrictive dieting, eating disorders and depression. Not fun, I've been there. 👎🏻 So let's start a new trend. Let's treat ourselves with care and compassion! If we give ourselves love and acceptance, we are way more likely to go the extra mile to make sure we always feel cared for – including making healthy choices physically and mentally. I don't think we should never feel guilty about food choices. It’s ok to satisfy a craving, or treat yourself and without guilt or shame. Never deny your body what it asks for. There can be balance AND indulgence! ❤️ SO, Today I challenge you to have that treat you have been putting off, and stop referring to your favorite foods as "cheats". There is nothing positive in referring to our foods as cheats. Food, no matter what it is, should never feel Taboo. ❤️

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