3 Secrets to Help You BUILD THAT BOOTY!

Alright Heroes, you all know one of my favorite muscles to work are the glutes! So I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my secrets on how I build my booty. Give you some of the tips to push your leg day glute burn to another level!

Here are 3 of my secrets to BUILD THAT BOOTY! 1. DON’T NEGLECT THE GLUTE SQUEEZE! Any of my clients (Male and Female) can tell you that during their leg days the one thing I tend to emphasize is their glute squeeze at the top of their exercises. “Turn that Peach in to Raisin!” or some sort of weird fruit juicing analogy is usually what you can hear me cheering. Haha. However it gets my point across. Whether it be squats/deadlifts/lunges, it doesn’t really matter, if you are not squeezing those glutes (your butt!) from the bottom to the very top of your movement, you are not activating all of the muscles you need to. SO, in short, SQUEEZE THEM CHEEKS! 2. DON’T BE AFRAID OF WEIGHT! Your muscles, ALL of them, booty included, need resistance in order to grow efficiently. You should feel challenged to get to that last rep. Your should feel like you can’t do another once you reach your last one. Body weight is where it starts, but in order to grow them booties, you need to start adding weight so that your muscles can break down and then rebuild bigger and stronger. Don’t try to go super heavy right off the bat of course, please be sure to start light but challenge yourself as the weight becomes easier. Your body will lead the way, so listen to it, and when the challenge begins to fade where you are at, increase that weight!

3. BOOTY CARDIO BURNOUTS! These are an acquired taste. Not everyone agrees and that's ok. However, I myself, as well as my clients have had great success on leg day when incorporating 20-40 minutes of leg focussed cardio into their weekly routines. Not everyday! No need for that, but a couple times a week is great for those stubborn, hard to shape areas. I recommend high incline treadmill walks and definitely the stair mill. For those who don't enjoy using machines, try to throw in some leg focussed HIIT sessions to get that cardio in for those booties! I have linked you to one of my HIIT booty focussed circuits you can try below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-iNQzJ7aMk&t=1s These are just a couple of my personal tips. I use them in my own workouts and routines so I wanted to share the information with you! Always remember that no two workouts are created equal for everyone, so find what you like and what works for you and your body and stick with it! Stay Awesome! xo. Britt

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