Hey Heroes! Sorry for my absence on the blog. Life has dealt me a few plot twists these last couple months, but I am back and ready for action. So, first id like to catch you up on some recent special things in my life. Starting with my most recent featurette with the Brave Babes Movement. Don't know what the #BBM is? Well head to this link to read their story and also find out how you can join the Brave Babes Movement. At the invitation of the vivacious Brave Babe Founder, Kindra Murphy, I got the opportunity to share one of my deepest scars and it was.....transcendent. I had a terribly emotional time writing it but once it was out there it felt, like a weight I had carried for years was finally lifted off my shoulders. So I am here to share it all with you and bring some spotlight to this incredible movement. You can read the full feature here:

Stay Awesome! xo. Britt

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